Can Commercial Mulch Help Your Business?

Posted on: September 7, 2017

It’s late in the year and a new season is right around the corner. With fall coming on fast, it’s time to dust things off and spruce up our surroundings. That doesn’t just go for our homes, it also applies to businesses. If you’re a business owner, how much thought do you put into your company’s curb appeal? Do you see this as a worthwhile investment in your business? Hopefully you answered “yes”, because the exterior of your business sends a message to visitors and passers by, for better or worse. If you had to choose between two businesses beside each other, but one looked cared for and lively, and the other looked drab and dull, you’d naturally gravitate toward the more cheerful one, right? To draw people in, you need a level of curb appeal that makes people want to be included. That’s where Eco Pro Mulch comes in. We specialize in commercial mulch to keep you looking the way you want all year long. We’re your go-to partner in making you look good so you can focus on your business.

The Best Mulch for Your Landscaping

Eco Pro Mulch has provided commercial mulch services to businesses throughout the Triangle area for years. Our trained team takes the time to do the job right from start to finish so you end up with a result you’re proud to show off. We use only high quality mulch and rely on trusted lawn enhancers, like McGill SoilBuilder, to create a landscape around your company that’s both healthy and attractive.

Our main commercial services include:

We work quickly to get your company’s exterior in top shape, and ready for a new season of business. If your landscaping often feels like a chore you keep putting off, skip the hassle and call Eco Pro. Our advanced equipment and experienced team can transform your business’s exterior without you needing to lift a finger. Give us a call at (919) 669-3350 or contact us online.