Top-quality mulch not only increases the beauty of your lawn, it’s also beneficial to the health of your plants and soil. At Eco Pro Mulch, we specialize in delivering and installing a range of premium mulch products. Choose us for our personalized service and our unmatched commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction to both residential and commercial customers throughout the greater Raleigh area. Why is mulch so beneficial for your home or business’s lawn?

Benefits to Mulching:

  • Improve Water Penetration and Air Movement
  • Moderate Fluctuations in Soil Temperature
  • Protect Shallow-Root Plants from the Damage of Frost and Freezing Temperatures
  • Discourage the Growth of Weeds
  • Improve the Availability of Nutrients and the Structure of Soil as it Decomposes
  • Reduce Surface Evaporation of Water from Soil

Providing Quality Mulch Products and Installation to Wake County

Using mulch around your plants aids in proper insulation during extreme weather. It will help to retain moisture in the soil during summer heat and insulate roots against the winter freeze. A good layer of mulch applied to your landscape will also reduce soil erosion during heavy rainfall.

The area surrounding your home is very different from the natural environment of trees or shrubs. In their natural environment, trees and shrubs gain nutrients from decomposing plant materials on the ground. In a landscaped area, most of this dead or dying plant material has been removed to create a clean appearance. The surrounding plant material is usually in the form of grass, which competes with the trees and shrubs for nutrients. Mulching around the base of the trees and shrubs creates a much healthier environment, helping all of your plants thrive.

When Should You Mulch?

Mulch can be applied any time during the year.

What do I Need to Do to Prepare for Mulch Installation?

Areas to be mulched should be cleared of all weeds, leaves, and grass. The recommended depth for mulch application is 3 inches. If you already have mulch in place, you may need less than 3 inches to maintain the recommended depth. While there are some slight variations on the benefits provided by different mulches, most wood and bark mulch materials provide approximately the same level of benefit. The choice between materials is based more on appearance and cost.

Use our Mulch Calculator to determine how many cubic yards you will need and let us help you decide what color and texture of mulch will compliment your landscape.


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