The practice of using top soil in lawn maintenance routines has been a popular one for centuries. Top soil is the outermost two to three feet of the earth’s surface, and it’s regarded as the most fertile and valuable portion of soil because of its rich nutrient density. This application has many benefits for your yard, enriching it with healthy, organic matter that has the power to bring your home or office’s lawn back to life. One of the biggest questions that crosses your mind when purchasing a bulk order of top soil, though, is how to get it to the job site. As one of the most trusted companies in the top soil delivery business, Eco Pro can handle that part easily and hassle-free. Our reliable fleet of vehicles can handle your delivery job, no matter how large, and our blower truck installation service makes the job quick, more accurate, and cleaner than taking on the task of spreading it yourself.

There’s a reason why home and business owners in and around the Raleigh area have trusted the Eco Pro team for so many years, and we want you to experience our customer service for yourself! Our top concern is the satisfaction of our customers. This holds true with our top soil delivery services as well. Our experienced team of professional drivers ensure your delivery arrives on time and exactly as you ordered it. We’ve got all of your mulch, soil, and compost delivery needs covered. Browse our site to learn more about our services, or call us today at (919) 669-3350 to start your next project!

Benefits of Top Soil on Your Yard

  • Nutrient Retention: Top soil is rich with vitamins and minerals because it’s received its own natural compost nutrition from the decay of plants and animals on the earth’s surface. These nutrients make the soil more porous and better able to retain the gas and moisture needed to produce healthy life from it, making it highly fertile.
  • Healthier Plants: The nourishment of top soil makes it highly effective for building strong root structures in your plants and crops. Even in harsh conditions, a top soil application creates a fertile area for all plants to thrive and grow healthily. 
  • Erosion Reduction: The healthier your land is, the less likely erosion is to occur. Erosion occurs to sparse, dryer spaces, often void of plant life. Top soil makes the land moist and rich with foliage, so it’s unlikely erosion will have the right conditions it needs to begin.


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