Compost has gotten a lot of buzz in the last few years as going green has become more popular, but the use of this valuable matter has been utilized for centuries and is one of the most effective secrets of top gardeners. So what is it exactly? Compost is made from recycled organic matter and is designed to retain moisture and provide nutrients for plant life. It is formed in a process that combines agricultural byproducts, food, industrial residuals, and bio-solids. These materials are combined with other organic mixtures and allowed to cure and create high temperatures, thus destroying noxious weeds and harmful bacteria while creating a nutrient-rich, moist environment that encourages the plant life you want in your yard. At Eco Pro Mulch, we’ve helped home and business owners in North Carolina areas transform the look and health of their lawns for years, and we want you to experience our level of customer service for yourself!

Eco Pro Mulch: the Area’s Go-To for High-Quality Compost

For premium compost you can count on, we’re the team to beat in the state of North Carolina. Compost is a highly important aspect of the lawn care routine if you want a thriving, healthy look for your yard. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) supports the use of compost and lists many benefits:

  • Reduces Pollution by Recycling Organic Waste Materials
  • Decreases the Production of Methane and Leachate in Landfills
  • Regenerates Poor Soils by Increasing Microbes and Aeration
  • Organic Alternative to Synthetic Fertilizers
  • Generates Fertile Agricultural Crops through Improved Soil Conditions

Why Use Compost?

There are a lot of products out there in the lawn maintenance market that guarantee lush, green yards and healthy, fruitful gardens. When there are that many options to choose from, it feels like the answer has to be more simple, and it is. The use of compost to improve the look and health of your yard’s vegetation predates us all. It’s nature’s original fertilizer. Many sprays and mixtures designed to improve your yard are filled with chemicals and unknown substances. Not only do a lot of them not help, but they can actually harm your lawn, spreading toxic substances that are too aggressive for nature. Compost, however, is part of the earth’s design for growing new and healthy plant life. That’s why we recommend it to anyone wanting to rejuvenate their lawn or garden area. Contact our Eco Pro team for more details and to introduce your lawn to the benefits of organic compost!


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