Reclaim Your Weekend with These 5 Services

Posted on: August 31, 2017

It happens to many of us every year. The weather starts to change and we begin envisioning long weekends sitting on the porch, cooking out with friends, watching the kids play outside, and letting the magic of fall comfortably settle into our yards. Then autumn arrives, and you remember that it’s a lot of work to get and keep your yard looking like a place where it’s a pleasure to relax. We don’t want you to waste your time any more than you do. So let the experts at Eco Pro Mulch & Erosion Control help make your fall go a little easier with these five residential services.

Blower Truck Mulching

With blower truck mulch installation, we apply mulch in a clean, uniform way. It saves you the mess of a typical mulch application. We can do it in as little as an hour, instead of you wasting an entire weekend manually doing it. Our team uses premium mulch, so you can rest assured our mulch will not only look nice when applied, it will improve plant health throughout your property.

Compost Seeding

Our blower trucks also come in handy for compost seeding. Compost is recycled organic matter that provides moisture and nutrients for your yard and plants. We use only premium compost, which has been cured to rid it of weed seeds. This gives life to your yard minus the weed problem. For compost seeding, we apply seed in a layer of compost, to ensure a healthy seed bed. If your yard needs improvement, we can install compost seeding more affordably than the cost of sod per area.

Mulch Delivery

When you need a large volume of mulch, getting it from the store to your home can be a hassle. No one wants to pick up and haul a heavy load of mulch. Many people don’t have the proper vehicle for hauling it to begin with. Eco Pro Mulch makes mulch delivery easy. We offer delivery of our mulches right to your home. We guarantee your mulch will arrive on time and as expected.

Top Dressing

In addition to compost seeding, Eco Pro Mulch also provides top dressing. We use the highly preferred McGill Soil Builder, a favored product that rebuilds your lawn’s soil by increasing organic matter. Proper top dressing reduces the need for irrigation, helps your lawn hold more nutrients, and decreases stormwater runoff, among other benefits.

Playground Mulching

Our team has years of experience with playground mulching. Whether you’re creating a new playground area for your home or want to rejuvenate a current playground, we can cover the entire area. As with all other mulching services, we use only the best mulch in playgrounds, and we leave you with a clean finished product.

When you need high-quality service that’s organized, fast, and affordable, just call on the expert team at Eco Pro Mulch. We’ve been in the business for years, and we know how to treat your yard right. Don’t spend your weekends trying to keep up with your yard’s maintenance this season. Enjoy your yard! We’ll help you knock out those unpleasant chores so you can sit back and relax.